Virtual Tours and Real Estate

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What is a 360 degree Real Estate Virtual Tour?

In these times , Virtual Tours are a perfect way to explore the world ,purchase products and view property without ever leaving your zone. The Real Estate industry, in particular, is thriving because of this technology. 360 degree Virtual technology uses a specialized camera which simultaneously captures two images or video files from dual back-to-back lenses, each with a 190-degree field of view. These images are stitched together to create a seamless 360 degree image which we refer to as a Panoramic Point as it captures everything within its view.

This allows potential property buyers the opportunity to Virtually walk- through and explore a development in their own time. By clicking and dragging within each Panoramic point they are able to explore each room in detail and experience it as if they are actually there. The result is a high level of user engagement with an authentic, realistic representation of the development. Each Panoramic Point can include clickable hotspots with information, voice overs , videos and photos. The possibilities are endless.

Why are 360 degree Virtual Tours so beneficial to the Real Estate Industry?

As you can imagine, Estate Agents spend a lot of their time prepping a house, organising with homeowners to ensure the house is available for viewing, then there’s the matter of driving, traffic and finding a time that suits both the agent and the potential buyer.A 360 degree Virtual Tour will allow the agent to do a single staging of the property, with multiple uses, 24 hours a day, resulting in an always open show house. With the addition of the Live Guided Tours feature, the agent can even have a face to face walk through of the property with their clients, from anywhere in the world, opening up their potential audience to a global scale.

5D Virtual Tours integrate Google analytics to put the Agent in complete control. Analytics reports will show when the tour is used, from where, with what device and the specific route the person took through the house or property and what they focussed on within the tour. This can help the agent understand where the most time should be spent in the actual viewing. Certain features can be highlighted and monitored to maximise the chance of a sale.

Why Should You Choose a 5D Tour

Aside from cutting costs , saving time and money , a 5D Virtual Tour will increase your website traffic. A Property listing with a Virtual Tour will receive 40% more clicks than a listing with images only. ( More clicks will give you a better ranking in search results and in turn increase property sales. 5D Virtual Tours come with the added advantages of being affordable, content capturing is fast and efficient, tours are data friendly and quicker to load. We also have a network of trusted 360 degree photographers Globally.

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