VR & Sustainability of the Planet

5D Global moves fiercely into supporting & nurturing Sustainability initiatives of South African Businesses

The world as we know is changing, every second of everyday there is a new addition to the beautiful tech space we occupy and with that comes a multitude of new opportunities to give back , support and drive the  sustainability of our planet in every way possible. 

5D Global’s Virtual Tour Platforms(VTPs) have the capability to effect major change, in particular with Sustainable Tourism initiatives. We are now offering discounted feature rights to any Tourism business that consciously drives sustainability efforts within one of more of the following areas

-Practice the 3 R’s – Reduce . Reuse , Recycle

-Supporting Local business

-Protecting Biodiversity

-Authentic Cultural Representation

-Protection of vulnerable groups

View the Cape Town VTP HERE

How will this help sustainable tourism at large?

 VTPs can be viewed on all devices as well as VR Headsets with no plug-ins required making them highly accessible and shareable. The VTP comes in the form of a link that is easily added to your website and can be sent to clients enabling live guided video calls within the featured areas. We believe that showcasing the exiting efforts of South African business on a Virtual Reality Platform of this nature will have great spin off effects in driving more and more businesses to consider implementing more sustainable efforts. In addition to this ,  there is potential to increase international interest to South African Tourism

View a Virtual travel experience of Baviaanskloof HERE.

For more info on 5D Sustainable solutions, get in touch with us at marketing@5DglobalVR.com